The goal of this project was to develop and implement a visual identity system for a food establishment. This design system was then implicated in a square tri-folded menu (closed: 5” x 5", open: 10” x 5"). While creating the brand identity for Amazin’ Glazin’, I looked at potential competitors in the area. Baked & Wired (has two or three vegan sweet options), Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats (they have different options for specific diets), Rise Bakery (has a few vegan options).
My research confirmed that there aren’t many vegan sweets/pastry places – so this could be a beneficial market to break into. I also wanted to create a brand that felt friendly, playful and inviting for families and friends. I believe I was able to achieve this through my color scheme and illustrations. Through my research I was able to create Amazin’ Glazin’, a vegan donut establishment that is centered around community.

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